Install 2015-2018 Mustang GT (S550) 14 inch Brakes on your Classic Ford


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Front Caliper Mounting Kit Uses:

2015-2018 Mustang GT 14″ front brakes – at least 18″ wheels are required.
Customer is responsible to verify the fitting of wheels on the larger brakes.



Custom Caliper Mounting Brackets
Grade 8 fitted bracket bolt kit
Caliper mounting bolts w/flanged head
Rotor hub-centric ring (positively centers rotor on hub)


BRACKET KITS for DRUM BRAKE SPINDLES & HUBS on 65-73 Ford Mustang & Cougar
NOTE: 65-67 Disc brake spindles are same as drum brake spindle.  Must use V8 drum hub.

Will NOT fit Granada or 68-73 disc brake spindles.


These items are considered race only, or off-road.  Improper installation or any type of brake failure can cause serious injury or death.  Car owner assumes all risk of failure of any kind upon installing these brake parts.

MustangSteve is not responsible for any consequences should a failure of any kind occur.  These parts must be installed by someone who is competent in installing and modifying automobile brake systems.