FYIFORD Commonly Used ACRONYMS - MustangSteve


A Code – A 4 barrell 289 Mustang
AFAIK – As far as I know
AOD – Automatic Overdrive Transmission
A/T – Automatic Transmission
BDB – MustangSteve’s Annual Birthday Bash
BFH – A rather large hammer
BTW – By The Way
C Code – A 2 barrell 289 Mustang
FYI – For Your Information
IIABDFI – If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It (variation…ABDFI )
IIRC – If I recall correctly
IMHO – In my humble opinion
JMO – Just my opinion
K Code – A 289 High Performance (Hipo) Mustang
LOL – Laughing Out Loud
M/T – Manual transmission
N/M – No Message… Just read the title
P/B – Power Brakes
POS – Previous Owner Syndrome (sometimes means something
else, but either way is usually a result of previous owner’s
inadequate or inappropriate repairs or mods.)
P/S – Power Steering
ROFL – Really Laughing
ROFLMAO – Really, Really Laughing
T5 – Five Speed manual transmission, typically 87-93 vintage
T Code – A six cylinder Mustang
TPNP – This Post Needs Pictures
WYAI – While You Are At It
WYAIT – While You Are In There

And, of course… ACTUALLY… means the writer believes you
are in error, and you are about to be set straight!

Remember, If you type in ALL CAPS, it gives
the appearance that you are YELLING..
(Unless you are BILLY WALTON)

The T Code, A Code, C Code and K Code, AFAIK, could be equipped with A/T, although, IIRC, some had M/T. FYI,
AOD retrofits all codes even without using a BFH. BTW (IMHO), a T5 will work as well, but if you get the wrong one and
it breaks during a burnout, you will see me ROFLMAO.
Some say the hobby is all about barrells of fun (BEG), some say it’s about what you want; P/B, P/S, even – LOL –
A/C. Actually, what it really comes down to, JMO, is IIABDFI. And when it is broke, there will always be tons of POS WYAI
things you will find WYAIT, especially when $$ are short (ROFL).

But the REALLY important thing that EVERYONE who ventures into this hobby will soon know is the Sacred Law of
Guru MustangSteve. Any automotive repair or restoration will take twice as long and cost twice as much as
originally planned, even after careful prior consideration of MustangSteve’s LAW.

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