When building your Mustang, one of the most important aspects in the way it looks is the ride height.  The following pictures show different Mustang stances and explain what components are required to get that stance.  Tire size also comes into play in getting “the look”, so whenever possible the tire size is also listed.

For consistency, regardless of tire size, ride height is defined as the vertical distance from the center of the wheel to the fender opening lip.

Owner:  Steve Wilkes 1965 289 V-8
Front 12-5/8″  Mustangs Plus 620# 1″ lowering coils with 1/3 coil cut off
Shelby 1″ drop upper a-frames
Rear  13-1/4″  Mustangs Plus Performance 4 leafs with mid-eye bushings
Stock type shackles with heavy duty rubber bushings
1/2″ thick lowering blocks
Wheels  15 x 7 with 4-1/4″ backspacing
Tires  BF Goodrich 225-60×15

 Owner:  Arjan Helmantel  1965 289 V-8

Front  12-1/4″    600# 1″ Drop TMC Springs with Shelby Relocated A-Frames
Rear  12-3/4″   165#/in TMC 4 Leaf HD
Wheels  15 x 7  American Racing Torque Thrust D  3-3/4″  backspacing
Tires       205-60HRx15 Goodrich Comp T/A

Owner:  Gary Mandarino

1965    289 V-8
Front 14-1/2″ Stock new springs
Rear  14-1/2″   Stock 4 leaf new springs
Wheels  unspecified
Tires   205-70×14

Owner:  Steve Wilkes   1966  351 V-8  (Aluminum Heads)
Front   12-1/2″  Mustangs Plus 620# 1″ Lowering Coils , (cut 1/3 coil)
Shelby 1″ drop upper a-frames
Rear   13-1/4″   Ford Replacement  4 leafs
Stock type shackles with heavy duty rubber bushings
1″ thick lowering blocks (Versailles rear axle)
Wheels   15 x 7 with 4-9/16″ backspacing (custom built)
Tires   Michelin 215-60×15  (Have since been replaced with 225-60×15 T/A’s that look much better)

Owner:  Hank Snow   1966   289 V-8, T-10 4 Spd
Front 13″          Mustangs Plus 620# 1″ lowering coils
Shelby 1″ drop upper a-frames, KYB shocks
Rear   14-1/4″    Mustangs Plus Performance 5 leafs with mid-eye bushings
KYB shocks
Wheels   (F) 15 x 7 Centerline  with 4-1/4″ backspacing  (R)  15 x 8 Centerline with 4.5″ b.s.
Tires   BF Goodrich (F)  225-60×15   (R)  245-60×15

Owner:  Rudi Marczi   1968  289 V-8, C-4 Automatic
Front   13″         Canadian Mustang stock spring, 1/4 coil removed
Rear   13-3/8″   Canadian Mustang standard replacement  leafs
Wheels   15 x 7 Shelby 10-Spoke 4-1/4″ backspacing
Tires   BF Goodrich (F)  205-60×15   (R)  225-60×15

Owner:  Steven Wolf   1966 351W V-8, with Iron Heads

Front   12″          Relocated TCP A-arms, Mustangs Plus GT coils…Also has Rack & Pinion Steering
Gabriel Strider Shocks
Rear   13″         Mustangs Plus 4 leaf Reverse Eye leaf springs
Gabriel Strider Shocks
Wheels   15 x 7 FORD  Steel with Dog Dish Caps and Trim Rings w/4″ backspacing
Tires   Dunlop  M40-D2  225-60xZR15

Owner:  Dick Ostrosky  1968 Cougar XR7  302 V-8, A/C, alum. intake
Front   13-1/2″  620# 1″ lowering coils  Shelby 1″ drop upper a-frames
Rear  14-1/4″  Stock original springs
Wheels Original Cougar styled steel 14×7 w/ 4″ b.s.
Tires   225-70×14 Kelly

Owner:  Jerry Shelby  1965 Mustang 2+2  408W stroker V-8,  Alum. heads,

T-5 Transmission
Front  11-1/2″   Eibach  lowering coils  Global West Negative Roll  upper a-frames (2″ lowered), Koni Shocks
Rear   13″   5 leaf  springs with Wilwood discs, Koni Shocks
Wheels Halibrand 16×8 with 4-1/2″ backspacing.
Tires  225-50xZR16 Goodrich Comp T/A   

This page will be updated as I receive more information.

If you have pictures, mail to: info@mustangsteve.com
Include side view (and detail view of each wheel up close if possible)
State whether you want your name used
Year of car, engine (and whether it has aluminum heads or other lightweight stuff) type of springs, shackles, a-frame mods,
wheel size with backspacing, tire size.
And don’t forget to state the dimensions!

Technical Information


What bearings do I use for a 69 Mustang?

69 spindles have smaller axle on all except BOSS 302 and BOSS 429.  69 non-Boss spindles use A2 and A6 bearings. 70-73 spindles have larger diameter axle and use A12 and A13 bearings.

69 non-Boss spindles use smaller tie rod, same as 67-69 Mustang.

70 spindles use a larger tie rod that is a little larger than the 67-69 spindle, but smaller than the Granada spindle.

What hubs do I use on what spindles?

Hubs and rotors from 65-73 will fit either spindle as long as the bearings that fit the spindle axle are used. The OD of the bearings is the same for all years mentioned.

So, the 70-73 spindle has larger axle but the rollers in the bearings are actually smaller than the 65-69 bearing rollers.

Will your rear brakes work on the Torino (new style) bolt pattern?

Yes.  The big bearing cobra rear brackets will work with the Torino (new style) bolt pattern using 3/8” mounting bolts and will also fit the older style large bearing 9” flanges using ½” bolts.

The brake gap needs to be 2.50”.  That is measured from the outside of the housing flanges to the outside of the axle flange (where the rotor would fit, but not including the thickness of the rotor.

Brake Pedal FAQs