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Bushing for 65 - 66 Mustang Tie Rods using 75-80 Granada Spindles

Bushing for 65 - 66 Mustang Tie Rods using 75-80 Granada Spindles

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Fits 64-1/2 to 66 Mustangs, 60-65 Falcons, Comets (except 1963) into 75-80 Granada, Monarch, Versailles Spindle Fits all 6 cylinder or V8 tie rods.

NOTE: 64-66 Falcon may have same tie rods as 65-6 Mustang, or may have the larger 67 size tie rods. Verify before ordering. (Note 63 Falcons use same tie rod as Granada)

(Pricing is for ONE bushing)

NOTE:  If you purchased spindles that use a rotor that is 1" thick or thicker, they are NOT Granada or Versailles spindles. Some of the LTD II and Cougar spindles circa 1975-79 look similar to Granada & Versailles spindles and they WILL NOT FIT any Mustang or Cougar from 1964-1/2 to 1973. All Granada and Versailles rotors are 0.875" thick, with minimum thickness of 0.810" Part Numbers for Lincoln Versailles Spindles (1977-80) Right: D7DY 3105A Left: D7DY 3106A Part Numbers for Granada / Monarch  Spindles (1975-80) 5D7AA  275 5D8AA  275 If you have spindles that have a part number starting with C6, they are typically 67-69 drum spindles and NOT 66 spindles as the Ford numbering system would normally indicate.

WHY   DO   I   NEED   THESE   BUSHINGS  ??? 65-66 Mustangs with V-8 and POWER STEERING have a unique driver side outer tie rod. When installing disc brakes from Granada, Maverick, Versailles, or 70-73 Mustang or Cougar on a 65-66 Mustang with power steering, a later model tie rod can not be substituted for the unique driver side unit.

Six cylinder Mustangs have a very small outer tie rod end that can not fit the larger disc brake spindles. Until now, it has been necessary to install a complete V-8 Mustang steering setup on 6-cylinder cars in order to install disc brakes. Now, all it takes is two adapter bushings and the outer tie rods will fit right into the spindles with no further modifications!!! Use of any spindle other than the stock spindle can cause bumpsteer issues on six cylinder cars.

Any pre-1970 Mustang requires larger outer tie rods installed in order to install the disc brakes. For some cars, a simple change to the Granada or 1970 Mustang outer tie rod can be implemented. That is fine if new tie rods are actually needed, but two of these adapter bushings can do the trick with a lot less work!!! Plus the added benefit of never having to replace the tie rod with "custom fit" tie rods that weren't original on the car. The bushings can be loc-tite mounted into the spindle and become an integral part of the spindle from then on.
YES!!! The tie rod bushings WILL FIT Falcons, Cougars, and all other small Fords of the era that used the similar sized tie rods as the 65-69 Mustang
NOTE: This is a modification to the steering on your car. MustangSteve will not be held responsible from any consequences of modifications using this product. Owner must determine suitability and determine that the installation is done safely.
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